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About Dr. Robert Korngut

Welcome to Dental Sleep Medicine of Brooklyn.  This center was founded by Dr. Robert Korngut to provide healthy treatments for patients suffering from Snoring and/or Sleep Apnea.

Dr. Korngut graduated with Honors from NYU College of Dentistry in 1977 and completed a general dentistry residency from Long Island College Hospital. He was a volunteer doctor at Catholic Charities dental clinic for the developmentally disabled for 18 years. A few years ago Dr. Korngut was elected to the International College of Dentists because of his years of service to the community and to the dental profession.

Dr. Korngut has a family oriented general dentistry practice since 1978 and began practicing Dental Sleep Medicine in 1999 in Brooklyn NY. He is one of the few dentists in the NYC area certified by the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and is a member of the National Sleep Foundation. Dr. Korngut has lectured on dental sleep medicine at the Greater NY Dental Meeting, to various local dental study clubs, community groups, and hospital residencies.

If you snore, have excessive daytime sleepiness, or have been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea and are having difficulty utilizing CPAP, Dr. Korngut and his staff at Dental Sleep Medicine of Brooklyn can help.  Their staff is specially trained in working with Sleep Apnea patients and will work closely with your physician as part of the medical team in your diagnosis, treatment and on-going care. To stop snoring or treat Sleep Apnea, oral Appliances are placed in the mouth and are worn much like a sports mouth protector or mouth guard. Worn during sleep to prevent the collapse of the tongue and soft tissues in the back of the throat, oral appliances promote adequate air intake and help to provide normal sleep in people who snore and have Sleep Apnea.In addition, they have the skill and technology to design an Oral Appliance/mouth piece that fits right, is properly adjusted for maximum benefit, and causes the least amount of discomfort and inconvenience for you, the patient.

Hearing patients report that they can “dream again,” feel happy about getting through the day without being exhausted, and not being a pain to their family members, gives Dr. Korngut great satisfaction. Knowing that the service he provides greatly improves the quality of his patient’s lives provides great impetus for him to continue his education in sleep medicine.

In keeping with his desire to provide quality general dentistry and sleep appliances in a personalized and comforting environment, he recently built an office in Brooklyn Heights combining dentistry with his enjoyment of art. The office is a “gallery” design displaying the work of some of his accomplished artist patients. There is also a massage room.

Treatment for snoring or sleep apnea is just a phone call or email away! The Dental Sleep Medicine of Brooklyn office is convenient to the Brooklyn, NY area and located at 32 Court St. For more information please call 800-892-4158.

Dr. Korngut proudly serves King County, New York County, Hudson County, Queens County, and more.

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Robert Korngut, DDS
32 Court St.
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