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About Dr. Mayoor Patel

Welcome to Craniofacial Pain & Dental Sleep Center of Georgia. This center was founded by Dr. Mayoor Patel to provide healthy treatments for patients suffering from Snoring and/or Sleep Apnea.

Dr. Mayoor Patel received his dental degree from the University of Tennessee in 1994. After graduation he completed a one-year residency in Advanced Education in General Dentistry(AEGD). In 2011 he completed a Masters in Science from Tufts University in the area of Craniofacial Pain and Dental Sleep Medicine. Dr. Patel has earned a Fellowship in the American Academy of Orofacial Pain, American Academy of Craniofacial Pain, the International College of Craniomandibular Orthopedics and the Academy of General Dentistry. He also became a Diplomate in the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine, American Board of Orofacial Pain and American Board of Craniofacial Dental Sleep Medicine.

Presently, Dr. Patel serves as a board member with the Georgia Association of Sleep Professionals, the American Board of Craniofacial Dental Sleep Medicine and American Academy of Craniofacial Pain. He also has taken the role as examination chair for the American Board of Craniofacial Dental Sleep Medicine.

With extensive dental knowledge and expertise, Dr. Mayoor Patel has served as Director of Dental Sleep Medicine for FusionSleep from 2008-2014 and as Adjunct Faculty Member at Tufts University from 2011-2014. He presently is an Adjunct Faculty member with Georgia Regents University and The Atlanta School of Sleep Medicine.

If you snore, have excessive daytime sleepiness, or have been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea and are having difficulty utilizing CPAP, Dr. Patel and his staff at Craniofacial Pain & Dental Sleep Center of Georgia can help.  Their staff is specially trained in working with Sleep Apnea patients and will work closely with your physician as part of the medical team in your diagnosis, treatment and on-going care. To stop snoring or treat Sleep Apnea, oral Appliances are placed in the mouth and are worn much like a sports mouth protector or mouth guard. Worn during sleep to prevent the collapse of the tongue and soft tissues in the back of the throat, oral appliances promote adequate air intake and help to provide normal sleep in people who snore and have Sleep Apnea. In addition, his practice has the skill and technology to design an Oral Appliance/mouth piece that fits right, is properly adjusted for maximum benefit, and causes the least amount of discomfort and inconvenience for you, the patient.

Since 2003, Dr. Patel has limited his practice to the treatment of TMJ Disorders, Headaches, Facial Pain and Sleep Apnea. Additional contributions have been published textbook chapters, consumer book on treatment options for sleep apnea and journal articles.

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Treatment for snoring or sleep apnea is just a phone call or email away! Dr. Mayoor Patel's office is convenient to the Atlanta, GA area and located at 1505 Mount Vernon Rd. For more information please call 678-228-1145.

About the Practice

You could be one of millions of Americans living with Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorders and sleep apnea. The first step to regaining quality of life and comfort is a proper diagnosis. At Craniofacial Pain Center of Georgia, we are dedicated to the diagnosis of TMJ disorders and non-surgical management of TMJ disorders, headaches, face pain, neck pain, and sleep apnea, which if not treated properly, can lead to unnecessary suffering. Unlike dental offices that offer TMJ treatment, our primary focus is providing this type of patient care.

Dr. Patel is an experienced dentist whose practice is limited to the treatment of TMJ Disorders, Migraines, Facial Pain, Neck Pain, Sleep Apnea and Snoring.

He is one of few doctors in the United States, and the only doctor in the southeast, that hold his degree and board certifications.

Our patients travel from across the state and as far as North and South Carolina, Tennessee, and even Mexico and the U.S. Virgin Islands for exceptional care.

If you’ve seen any of the following healthcare professionals:

Neurologists, ear and nose throat specialists, family practice physicians, physical therapists, massage therapists, general dentists, oral surgeons, chiropractors and are still suffering from pain, you may be experiencing symptoms of an untreated condition related to your TMJ.

We welcome you to visit our office conveniently located in Atlanta for a consultation.

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Craniofacial Pain & Dental Sleep Center of Georgia


Craniofacial Pain & Dental Sleep Center of Georgia
200 Ashford Center North
Suite #195
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