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The Power of Branding

Powerful branding can help fast-track awareness of your services.

Snoring isn’t Sexy is a name that turns heads and appeals to emotion. When it comes to marketing a product or service, appealing to the heart instead of the mind is what initially gets results. It gets people talking, and that curiosity leads them to find out what it is all about.

Snoring isn’t Sexy has the power to stand out in the crowd.

Everything from the name, to the messages, to the humorous approach is designed to engage an otherwise hesitant audience. One of the most difficult challenges in dental sleep medicine is just starting that initial conversation with a snoring or sleep apnea sufferer. By branding your dental sleep medicine practice with Snoring isn't Sexy, you will overcome the first obstacle to treatment and raise awareness in your community. Get your potential patients to bring the subject up to you!

Since the Snoring isn’t Sexy brand is limited to one dentist per area, when someone in your community sees Snoring isn’t Sexy, they are seeing you.

Marketing For Your Dental Sleep Medicine Practice

How do you let your community know that you can help people suffering from obstructive sleep apnea feel better and even add years to their life?

Snoring Isn’t Sexy is your window to the public. Every aspect of the site- and the marketing that accompanies it – is developed to provide you with opportunities to educate and reach people who need treatment for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.

We give you the tools you need to successfully and efficiently promote your dental sleep medicine practice. The Snoring Isn’t Sexy site was designed to after tremendous analysis of search habits and search engine optimization principles. From your personalized Snoring Isn’t Sexy website, to press releases, media content, branded giveaways and more, you are able to launch a multi-channel marketing campaign right away and get your message heard.

Promotional Support

Professional marketers know that exposure is the key to conversion. Getting their attention one time may not be enough for patients to make the commitment to seek and follow through with treatment. Reinforce your advertising and your communication efforts with branded merchandise that will serve as a visual reminder of the interest they have in you and your services. See all of the Snoring Isn’t Sexy marketing collateral.


Our team of professional graphic artists and multimedia specialists has created a powerful suite of advertising tools. Snoring Isn’t Sexy Dentists who want to advertise their services on radio, TV, web, or print media can utilize our Media Package to launch broadcast-ready advertisements and get wide, effective exposure of your sleep practice. The 16 licensed radio spots and 8 licensed video spots both contain the catchy Snoring Isn’t Sexy jingle.

Collaborative Marketing

Collaborative marketing is most effective form when there is a huge and growing target market, but the public is unaware that the service is available.

The power of collaborative marketing and awareness efforts is the multiplied return on investment each individual receives from the synergistic effect of cooperation. Collaborative marketing is cooperative marketing not competitive marketing. The more practices involved, the greater the chance of success. This type of marketing succeeds by true collaboration with colleagues in other fields of expertise.

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