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In 2012, Snoring Isn’t Sexy was acquired by Nierman Practice Management, a company with a mission to expand patients’ access to medically necessary care in dental practices.

As an integral part of Nierman Practice Management’s suite of products, services & solutions, Snoring Isn’t Sexy helps obstructive sleep apnea sufferers find a dentist they can count on to utilize their medical insurance benefits to provide the care and treatment they need.

For dentists looking to grow their practices with Dental Sleep Medicine, TMD, oral surgeries and other services, Nierman Practice Management’s comprehensive suite of products, services, training and support has you covered.

  • DentalWriter™ software for dental sleep medicine, TMD, implants and more
  • Medical Billing and Dental Sleep Medicine Continuing Education Seminars
  • Medical Billing Services for Dentists
  • Snoring Isn’t Sexy®
  • In-office Implementation Consulting – DentalWriter Certified Training Network
  • DME Application for Dentists to Become a Medicare Supplier of Oral Appliances
  • Weekly Study Groups and Online Training Videos on dental sleep medicine, TMD, medical billing in dentistry and more!

With 25 years of experience helping dental practices successfully bill medical insurance and grow with medically necessary services, you can rely on Nierman Practice Management for your dental sleep medicine implementation needs.

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