Dr. Charanjit Sandhu

Snoring & Sleep Apnea Dentist

Are you looking for a sleep apnea solution in Linden OR Hazlet, NJ?

Dr. Charanjit Sandhu

Welcome to the APS Dental Center and Bethany Dental Care. This center was founded by Dr. Charanjit Sandhu to provide healthy treatments for patients suffering from Snoring and/or Sleep Apnea.

Dr. Charanjit Sandhu has completed a mini residency from “Tuft University School of Dental Medicine” and “American Academy of Craniofacial Pain” in 2015. She has taken multiple dental sleep medicine seminars thereafter from various educational facilities like “Sleep Group Solutions” to polish her skills.

If you snore, have excessive daytime sleepiness, or have been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea and are having difficulty utilizing CPAP, Dr. Sandhu and her staff at APS Dental Center can help. Their staff is specially trained in working with Sleep Apnea patients and will work closely with your physician as part of the medical team in your diagnosis, treatment and on-going care. To stop snoring or treat Sleep Apnea, oral Appliances are placed in the mouth and are worn much like a sports mouth protector or mouth guard. Worn during sleep to prevent the collapse of the tongue and soft tissues in the back of the throat, oral appliances promote adequate air intake and help to provide normal sleep in people who snore and have Sleep Apnea.

In addition, her practice has the skill and technology to design an Oral Appliance/mouth piece that fits right, is properly adjusted for maximum benefit, and causes the least amount of discomfort and inconvenience for you, the patient.

Whether for yourself or a loved one, please familiarize yourself with the information on this site and take the Sleep Apnea Quiz. Many people don’t even realize the issues associated with sleep apnea and the debilitating effect it can have on one’s overall health and lifestyle. Snoring isn’t sexy…and it isn’t normal, either. Treatment is just a call or click away!

Our renowned general dentist is a member of American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. We are able to provide treatment for sleep apnea and other sleep-related issues which are caused by breathing problems. If you are suffering from sleep-related problems, come visit our dental office APS Dental Center in Linden, NJ today.

About the Practice

For more information - visit our general practice website: Dr. Sandhu DDS.

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Your local dentist, committed to stopping snoring and saving lives.

Two offices: Linden and Hazlet, NJ

(877) 925-3535

Your local Linden & Hazlet, New Jersey dentist committed to saving lives by providing treatment for sleep apnea. Dr. Charanjit Sandhu is a long standing member of American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. Dr. Sandhu will take initial evaluation records, Airway evaluation, and diagnostic sleep test from sleep lab referred by a board certified sleep physician. She will customize the sleep apnea treatment device and monitor the progress. If you are not sure that you have sleep apnea but you snore, please schedule an appointment for a free Sleep Score. Most medical insurances cover for sleep study and sleep apnea treatment. Call us to find out your coverage.

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