11 Signs You Might be Experiencing a Sleep Disorder

Finding it hard to fall or stay asleep on a daily basis can constitute a deeper sleep issue that can hinder your daily functioning. Sleep disorders can deter your body mentally and physically as well as regulate mood due to hormone fluctuations from insufficient or interrupted sleep.

Getting enough sleep is crucial for staying healthy and sleep disorders can definitely interfere when trying to make the effort to sleep better. If you are showing any of these signs below, it would not hurt to consult with a professional.

1. Getting less than 4 hours of sleep or sleeping too much

Sleeping inconsistently can be a sign. If some nights you can only sleep a few hours and other nights you can’t help but sleep over 10 hours, there may be an underlying issue. The body is supposed to sleep about the same amount every night.

2. Grinding teeth

Grinding your teeth while sleeping is a condition known as sleep bruxism. Which is considered to be a sleep-related movement disorder affecting your quality of sleep.

3. Intense cravings or eating the wrong foods before bed

Not sleeping enough can cause your hunger hormones to become unbalanced. This can increase appetite. In addition, eating or drinking wrong before bed can contribute to a rough night. Alcohol, heavy meals, and greasy, processed food do not have the right nutrients for sound sleep. However, foods containing high amounts of tryptophan can actually improve sleep.

4. Difficulty sleeping in other places

Not being able to relax or sleep in new beds, hotels, or airplanes could mean you’re suffering from an anxiety type sleep disorder. Work on training yourself to sleep under any conditions.

5. The impaired focus during the day

Not being able to think properly on a regular basis is the brain’s way of telling you it needs rests and can also be a sign of a sleep disorder.

6. Abrupt awakenings after scary nightmares

Experiencing recurring dreams that disrupt sleep and evoke negative emotions is a sign of Nightmare Disorder. Consider seeing a therapist if you are having trouble since this disorder can deny you quality sleep and mess with your emotions.

7. Uncomfortable leg movement while trying to sleep

If you experience overwhelming and unpleasant urges to move your legs while at rest, you could be experiencing Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS). According to the National Sleep Foundation, about 1 in 10 adults in America suffer from this sleep disorder.

8. Cannot fall asleep or stay asleep

Insomnia is a common but complicated condition described as the difficulty of falling and/or staying asleep. It can become chronic causing you to constantly feel tired all day. Bad quality sleep on a regular basis can be dangerous for your health so it is best to seek help if you think you are an insomniac.

9. Cannot move once awake

Inability to move certain body parts moments after opening your eyes or even when falling asleep is a sign of sleep paralysis. It can be debilitating to your daily function, a sign of even bigger issues, and can be linked to hallucinations.

10. Sleep Walking

Sleep-walking and even sleep-talking can be a sign of a sleeping disorder. These symptoms signal rapid eye movement behavior disorder. This is when your body removes itself from normal sleeping state and tries to freely act out dreams. This can be embarrassing but even worse, it can be very dangerous.

11. Heavy snoring

So many people snore, everyone thinks it’s normal. However, snoring too much is a symptom of a dangerous sleep disorder known as, sleep apnea. Take this simple sleep apnea quiz to see if you are at risk!

Pay attention to these warning signs, as they could mean you’re struggling with a sleep disorder. Once you know what you’re up against, you can soon be on your way to a better night’s sleep. For more information on sleep breathing disorders and what you can do, request a consultation. 

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